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PostSubject: NEW LOCATION FOR THE BOUNCE INC> GUILD (no city yet)   Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:53 am

Hello all Smile

As you can probably see if you log into the game and are in Lazy Town, there is no Lazy Town any more Smile. The move to Naboo wasn't as successful as expected; I found a beautiful location and checked if the planet was not capped (there are currently 18 cities on Naboo and apparently can be 20) before packing up the city hall and moving. Once here however, there was a nasty surprise in place - the system does not let me to place a city hall saying that the planet IS capped. I am not sure if it is a bug, it's possible that there are some "phantom" cities around - during my travels I've encountered many abandoned cantinas, banks and garages in places where some cities used to be.

Anyway, the move still happened (still happens) - I have decided that if we place houses in a nice, city-like formation and hold a place for a city hall (an empty guildhall serves as a placeholder) - one day it will be possible to put a city hall down I am certain. Either ghost cities disappear completely or one of the cities goes poof (it happens quite often actually). I will be trying to place the hall every day hoping that one day it will happen Smile

So you are very welcome to move here, it's a gorgeous place, right on the seaside, and just over 1k from here there is a player city with a shuttle and everything else we may need - for the time being. I would like to ask you though to be careful when placing the houses - I have a plan to make it nice and clean this time so if you have doubts about where to place your house please wait for me to be online, I will gladly help!

We already have a working mall in the new location so if you are interested in putting some vendors there you are welcome to do so :)The waypoint's attached in the game email.

So please visit our new location and move if you want to! I for one am very happy here after a gloomy foggy Rori Smile




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