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 City report #2: November

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City report #2: November Empty
PostSubject: City report #2: November   City report #2: November EmptyFri Nov 09, 2012 11:45 am

Hello Smile

Lazy Town is still here!
Brandy and I are trying to make sure all the structures are paid for, all the lawns mowed and all the floors swept regularly so there is no mess! Laughing

If at any time you feel the urgent need <jedi mindtrick>you DO need to play SWGEmu...</jedi mind trick> [did it work?????] to play the SWGEmu, we will be waiting in our town for you, with a friendly welcome and a hot meal in the cantina [and maybe even a happy entertainer so you have something to look at]! Very Happy beer So, feel free to pop in any time you like for a chat and drink !

We have gained city specialization which is in our case Sample Rich, good thing for surveyors and crafters. We are 10 citizens away from the rank of Township when we can have a medical centre. bounce

May the Bounce bounce be with you!


City report #2: November Sig1q
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City report #2: November Empty
PostSubject: Re: City report #2: November   City report #2: November EmptyTue May 21, 2013 3:24 am

Good job you keeping the town alive!

have a /happy/ entertainer to look at? what do you mean with- "happy"? we know we can describe the entertainers with better words than that! *is obviously an entertainer*

still good job!!!

*moves like a " happy" entertainer, and dances in the cantina*
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City report #2: November
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