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 Bio engineer tissues for clothing - guide :)

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PostSubject: Bio engineer tissues for clothing - guide :)   Bio engineer tissues for clothing - guide :) EmptySun Nov 24, 2013 9:17 pm

From the old SWG forums:

A guide to Bio-engineered tissues and the clothing they are used in

Hi there, you've just gotten your first tissue and want to make something with it. Great! Only problem is, you have questions. This is where to come for answers. We will begin with the basics

Bio-engineered tissues come in two versions. There is the defensive tissues (bleed resistance, melee/stun defense, etc) and the skill tissues (medical, entertainer, taming) Both are placed into cloth and then into a piece of clothing, but each uses a different type of cloth


This schematic is gained when you first get your novice tailor. It is the basis of most articles of clothing. When you build your first piece of synthetic cloth, you will see an optional component. That is where you can insert one of 6 different kinds of tissues. These tissues each pass their enhancements onto any clothing you use them in. Most of the formal wear and casual wear items use this cloth.

Myoflex (gives a small bonus to musician/dancer healing skill)
Enhanced Myoflex (gives a large bonus to musician/dancer healing skill)
Passive Biosensors (gives a small bonus to wound/injury treatment)
Active Biosensors (gives a large bonus to wound/injury treatment)
Passive Tranquilizers (gives a small bonus to taming wild/vicious creature)
Active Tranquilizers (gives a large bonus to taming wild/vicious creatures)


These pieces of cloth are only available when you gain Field Wear 2. They are designed to be used in the heavy, military clothing and articles that take a lot of wear. Bandoliers, Reinforced Heavy Jackets, Camo Pants, Lined Workshirts are some examples.

Constrictor Cloth (minor bleeding defense)
Coagulant Agents (major bleeding defense)
Confidence Cloth (small warcry/intimidation bonus)
Fear Release (large warcry/intimidation bonus)
Scent Camoflauge (small camoflauge/maskscent bonus)
Scent Neutralization (large camoflauge/maskscent bonus)
Visual Camoflauge (small cover bonus)
Mimetic Circuitry (large cover bonus)
Toughened Fibers (small melee/stun defense bonus)
Tensile Resistance (large melee/stun defense bonus)


Once you have your BE tissues, it is time to build the cloth. You can do this by hand if you only have one or two, or you can create a schematic and have crates of the cloth run through your factory. You will need this for any item calling for 2 or more pieces of cloth in the same slot. Remember that you will also need a crate of identical tissues for the cloth schematic!!

There are a few things you need to know before you start, so that you are not going to waste tissues. THe first are those slots in the schematic and what it means to your finished product. For all examples, we will use +10 Bleed Resistance, +8 entertainer and +10 Medical tissues.

Multicloth slots: There are many schematics that call for more than one piece of cloth in the slot. Let's look at the Formal Gown. It asks for 2 slots, each taking 2 pieces of synthetic cloth. We can take the crate of medical cloth we have just made and add them to one or both slots. If we add 2 pieces to one slot, and add normal synthetic cloth to the second from a normal crate of unenhanced cloth, we get a Formal Gown with +10 Medical skill. If we put the medical cloth in both slots (4 pieces), we can get a +20 enhancement.

That means that any extra cloth in those slots is wasted! The best article of clothing for synthetic cloth enhancements is the Wookie Sage Hood with 4 slots of 1 synthetic cloth. We can put a medical piece in all 4 if we like, but if we do, we find that the bonus at the end comes out to be only +25 (which is the maximum allowed per item) Therefore be sure what you are adding, and don't waste those tissues.

Another point we need to mention is that you might want to add more than 1 article of clothing to an ensemble. The customer gets his +25 medical shirt, +25 pants, +25 hat, and +25 jacket and walks out feeling like he owns the world. His skill sheet shows a +100 medical bonus. This has been tested and the conclusion is that +25 is the maximum skill bonus you will benefit from. If you have all those items stacked up on each other, they are being wasted. NOTE: Some doctors say that they can go from a 1500+ buff average to a 2800+ buff average with this suit on, so you might just want to try it. I have not heard confirmation on either side that it is working correctly.


Once that shirt is made, you may have a nice 4 socketed masterpiece on your hands. Warn the customer first, that any skill tapes that they add will have two limitations. The first, is that you will only gain a maximum of 6 bonuses per article of clothes. If you Make a Sleeveless Dress with medical, taming, and entertaining bonuses, then they will have a total of 6 enhancements on it. No skill tape will be effective in this item.

Second warning to the customer is that any skill tape that is less than the current bonus will not stack. It will be wasted. A skill tape that is above the current skill of the clothing will not add, but overwrite the skill. Examples: You have that +10 medical shirt, and find a +7 Wound Treatment tape. You drop it into the shirt and find it is now +10 wound treatment/+10 injury treatment .... Where did the tape go? Well it was wasted as the tape was not powerful enough to overwrite the current level. Had that same person found a +12 tape, then the shirt would now be +12 Wound Treatment/+10 Injury Treatment

Currently there are some bugs with tapes as well. If you find a tape with 2 skills, there seems to be a problem with adding both to the clothing. Only one will get added. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Bio engineer tissues for clothing - guide :) Sig1q
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Bio engineer tissues for clothing - guide :)
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