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 Hi all old euroupe chrim player here

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PostSubject: Hi all old euroupe chrim player here   Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:48 pm

Hi all i was from Europe Chrim server back in the day and saw emu is up on google.. I was hoping to get some info about your guild ie..reb/imp? and any info on your lovely guild.. As i should get my swg disks in the post this coming week and will be looking for friendly guilds! My time zone is
+8 Perth Auz. i played swg for about 5 years. Im Rob hope to hear back from you guys? im guess you guys are active?
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PostSubject: Re: Hi all old euroupe chrim player here   Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:40 am

Hi there Smile

We are, at least I hope so, hehe, as I was away for over a month so not sure what's been going on. Logged onto the game for a moment tonight though and the city is still there so it should be ok Smile

Basically because we are a mature guild we know that people have lives and problems and sometimes don't play as much as they would like to. Sometimes people who play casually don't even join any guild thinking they don't want to bother anyone with being online rarely. Not here though, we have players who log on once every 6 months (hello, Val Razz:drink: ) for example and they are always welcome back with a hug Smile.

We are a bunch of friendly people who like helping each other and that's why we built this community. Not everyone will feel good in Bounce (because there will be times there will be noone online to talk to despite having 65 people in the guild), we are very casual, we don't think in a game you "have to" do anything, or play every day. Game is there to provide enjoyment and a nice break from every day life. We will never be a huge, competitive, full of events guild. After all, we live in Lazy Town Razz🐰 Very Happy 

Anyway, I have just flown back from another country where I had to deal with some RL problems. I will still deal with some stuff over the weekend, but after that I will go back to the game and I am on most evenings, even if for a short time. If you have any questions, catch me in game (Ivyrane/Meesha are my most often played chars), or write here. I promise you will not be left without a response Cool


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Hi all old euroupe chrim player here
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