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 Rules of the stay in the Cantina.

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Rules of the stay in the Cantina. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the stay in the Cantina.   Rules of the stay in the Cantina. EmptySun May 26, 2013 4:08 am

In the Cantina we can discuss everything RP related. Questions we might have and any roleplay stories, or journals, can be posted here (if you desire to keep such a thing for your character). It can be as detailed as you want, or short memo's of the everyday dealings that has happened.
Remember to label of your new forum post correctly. You can include more than your own writing and roleplay in one story, and if you want anyone to join in, make the ((Open)) label at the end of the post title. If you want to make a journal, you simply add the tag ((Journal)) with the title. Some might not want to have anyone else write in their post, adding comments, or to influence the ongoing story. When this is the case please label the forum post as ((Private)). The private story can include more than one, but only with the permission of the creator of the thread. Listing the accepted names in the title would be encouraged.

In any case, it is always polite to request to join any open storyline that is going on, and think through the entrance you make to the scene. Is it valid that your character would be right where the story is unfolding? Common sense apply at all times, so if you have it, use it!

This is information not known by all characters. Please keep in mind the rule about Metagaming.
Quote :
No Meta-gaming.
A difficult subject but it must be addressed and agreed upon. When you, as a player know something, it does not mean that your character know it too. Unless your character have discovered this information through in-character actions, then there is no back up for how they suddenly knew this piece of information. You should not use this out of character knowledge to influence others based on it, though in some forms you and others want the story to develop in some certain way, and that is basically the only exception to this in my book. To be fair, all should be informed that this is a “fixed- roleplay” so no one feels left out or feel that they are suffering being the victim for Meta-gaming.
Also consider distances. How close are you to the person who you are " over hearing" in a crowded noisy cantina. Just because you can see the text, don't mean your character can hear everything. If someone emotes that they are whispering, respect the distances and natural boundaries that keep us from being able to hear such things.

Lastly, think of who might read this. This section is only open for the members of BNCE inc, but that does not mean that everyone want to read any kind of stories. If the story contains adult content, please add that tag ((Adult content)) to the original thread name. Perhaps someone are reading the forums at work, and the boss walks by and draw the conclusion that their worker is reading smut in their work hours. Not good at all. The label of adult content is self explanatory, but if it helps to make the distinction easier, add with it “light”, “medium” or “ advanced”. The thread creator can change the headline at any time, but we reserve our privilege to administrate the title, and add what we thing is really appropriate, if the incorrect labeling is given.

Enjoy this forum, and be creative!

//Lui wave
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Rules of the stay in the Cantina.
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