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 Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private))

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Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private)) Empty
PostSubject: Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private))   Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private)) EmptySat May 25, 2013 10:53 am

The wind had already started to lick around the corner as the young twi'lek exited the cantina. She frowned and shut her eyes quickly when a gust of wind and sand met her face. A low rumbled chuckle was heard close by and she shielded her eyes from the sand to look in the direction of the sound. A man, already clad appropriately for the evening winds, stared at her from behind protective goggles and a face mask kept his mouth and nose free of sand. He continued to laugh quietly noticing her reaction and stern glare in his direction. He did not say anything, nor did she bother to comment on his behavior. She did not want any attention, and had only the wish of getting home safe and sound.
She wore just a simple dress to shield her from the elements, under it was her performance attire, and her feet was bare. With quick steps she moved over to where she had parked her speeder, and hoped it would work just a few hours more so she could get to her house in this horrible weather. The wind picked up, and she had to turn her back to the sand that stung like needles onto her skin. When she could turn back again and face the direction of where her vehicle would be parked, she noticed it was no longer there. A surprised ryloth curse escaped her lips, and the laughter behind her started again.
“What do you know of this?” she asked the bouncer who was entertained by her distressed situation. The twi'lek's voice showed a slight panic and with that the wind and sand picked up speed and made her have to shield her self from it.
“Dancer... I am no parking valet. Your ride, your responsibility.” His voice was ridden with amusement and his words bare no sympathy.
The female looked back at the empty parking space and could not believe her misfortune, of all days, it had to happen to day?
“Did you see who took it?” she shouted over the wind, not really expecting any helpful information from him.
“Some guy...” was the reply.
The blue eyes kept its gaze on the empty parking space, letting her mind grasp the fact of what had happened. Someone had stolen her old, no good, dented speeder. Why would anyone chose that wreck of a thing, she wondered.
“Dancer..” the bouncer started before the wind ate his words.
“What?” she croaked against the loud whistling and rushing of sand.
“...the wind will only get worse, you should take refuge somewhere in town to night. It would be suicide to venture out in this sandstorm.”
“Thank you for your concern.” she bit him off brusquely and turned away.

She lived just outside Mos Espa, the hike was not too long, but in a storm like this it would be a dangerous walk. The tan colored twi'lek lifted up the collar of the dress higher up over her neck, hoping it would shield the skin there some from the sharp sand, but she had no where to put the sensitive leku's.
“You are mad!” She heard the man shout after her, the words barely reaching her further down the road.
“Dancer!” He tried to catch her attention, but she refused to acknowledge him. The words either stopped reaching her or the man had given up to talk her out of it. She did not care, and the feet were half running to get behind the next building where the wind would be less active.
“Kika'lekki.” she whispered in a tone that resembled a pair, before she hurried onwards and out into the wall of sand a head.

She lost her barrings just a few steps out into the wild storm, and at that moment she realized what a fatal mistake it was for her to have done this. She cursed her pride, and stumbled on in the direction she could only guess was the right one, while her skin turned more and more scratched and red from the abuse of the coarse wind. She wandered blindly, her eyes closed completely now for it was impossible to keep the sand out of them. Her dress was pulled up over her nose and mouth so she could breath with out inhaling anything other than air. It was a desperate situation, but she could not turn and go back, she did not risk going the wrong way so she kept her feet moving forward.

The surprise was big when she crashed into a thing standing in her way, and her one hand fumbled over to feel what the item was. The surface was metal that was shaped and fitted to the model of a vehicle. Her eyes was still closed, so she was blindly examining it. She had felt this before, this dent in the metal... Could it be? Her hand fumbled further and found a other familiar dent, and just above this one a long cut in the paint job. Her speeder!
The girl let out a little squeal of happiness before ducking down beside it. The body of the dead metal shielded hers somewhat, and in that moment the wind could not hurt her.
The thief had overestimated the old junk of a speeder, and got marooned out here in the sandstorm. Served them right, she rejoiced inside of her mind while the corner of her lips formed a smile. Justice, she continued to revel in the feeling of having the situation turning to favor her again. Not long after this moment of triumph, she realized she was just as marooned as the thief, the speeder would most likely not start again, not even for her.
She sat with out moving for a long while, just barely able to stare out in front of her now that the wind rushed over her. For a short second she could swear she saw something brown out there, was it a womprat? Had she seen something else? It was hard to define, but soon again something out there moved with the wind and was displayed for just a moment.
She decided against it being something living, it had to be something of fabric. Maybe the thief had lost their coat? If it was so, she could really use it to shield her self from the wind and maybe get this heap of junk to work and get home.

The wind and sand felt even worse now after the time away from its bite, but nonetheless she ran over to where she had seen this brown object. It was clearly fabric, and she could see that it was tailored gunman’s duster. With a slight tug it was evident that it was not just lying abandoned here, but still attached to its owner.
She felt then the body under sand, and the person was lying face down with the duster blown over their head. The first reaction was to draw her hand back to her self. An immediately cold shudder moved down her spine. Was he dead? The girl was not braver than to feel sick at the idea of a dead person, she had not been around a lot of them to get used to it. She also did not feel ready to start that experience now.

A new thought struck her while the sand made its way to cover the man even more, what if he was alive. She gave a new shudder, but lifted the coat from the mans head and shielded her own with it and leaned down to better see his face. There was a beard filled with sand, and the nose barely sticking over the small grains of stone. The face had been shielded from the worst of the sandstorm thanks to the fabric of his clothing, and maybe the only reason he still lived. If he lived.
The twi'lek could not see any sign of breathing, the wind kept blowing the sand in tiny whirls around his face now that she had lifted it u, so she could not make sure if he was either way.

“Kika'lekki.” she said again in the same tone of respect and won her self some calm.
“Afa.” She added, hoping her goddess would hear her. “Hiko”.
With these words, she let her one hand find way to his neck and searched for the place she could feel a pulse, if he was alive. Her skin was so sore, but she had to endure it, for there was no choice not to. The part of her hidden under the fabric felt only the dull sting of the irritated skin, the parts of her still out in the wind ached with strong pain.
Against all odds, or with the help of the gods, she could feel a faint pulse beating under the skin of his throat.
“Arni'soyacho...” she whispered softly, unsure of why she felt so relieved to know that this stranger, the thief of her possession, was still alive.
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Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private))   Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private)) EmptyMon May 27, 2013 4:46 am

The seemingly lifeless body fell to the floor in the small tatooine style house. The girl struggled to catch her breath, leaning on the wall while staring up at the sealing for a few seconds. The lungs burned with each fill of air and sand stuck to her damp sweaty skin. The door was still wide open and blew sand inside with the wind still raging out there.
Come on, just close the door! She scolded her self for letting the hallway flood, and with a push with her elbows she stumbled over the floor to hit the panel.

Soon after the door closed her ears was deafened with silence. The house held just a weak hum of the energy that kept the light shining and the few operative systems going buzz. She had not really noticed how much noise the wind had made before she was safe away from it, and as she rested by the door her scratched skin were throbbing. The salty dew on her skin made it all worse and the twi'lek grimaced in pain.
The man was still just lying there with sand slowly trickling down the side of his body. If she had not checked a few times during the travel to home, she would think he was dead now for sure.
The speeder had started with no less than a miracle. On it she had a data-pad that made it easy for her to find her house, and she was glad she had finally installed the way point just a few days earlier.

With the back pressed to the wall she let her knees bend and she slowly slid down to sit. There had been only a few days earlier in her life where she had felt the body ache like this. Her muscles was sore after the heavy lifting, pulling and pushing of the much heavier man, and not to forget the long double shift she had been working before all of this. The girl coughed up some sand that had found its way down her lungs at some stage of the storm, and she closed her eyes. A sigh escaped her lips, as the only audible complaint for her situation, and the house kept humming monotonously.

Behind the lids of her eyes, she relived the whole long struggle of getting this man up and out of the sand, and into the vehicle. Right now it felt to her like the task she had just performed had been illogical and impossible for her to have executed on her own, but even so she had made it. There was no knowledge about this man, other than he was a man, and that he was clad in a nicer style clothes, there was nothing that could tell her of who he was or why he had stolen her speeder. Even now, his face was hidden away from her, the fall had placed him lying with the front down and his head turned away from where she was sitting. The hair had a light brown shade to it, short but evidently it had grown out of the intended cut of it. Dark brown boots on his feet, beige sort of sand color on the pants that he wore, and his long duster was just a simple brown and that was all she could make note of him at this moment.

She felt the need to get up, to just move her hands to push her self up from the ground and find a better place to sit for a while. The hard surface made the tender muscles and burning skin feel even more so in discomfort, but she just could not manage to even lift one finger. The eyes closed again after having another look of the man on the floor beside her, she was unable to fight the need of her body. The breathing became deeper and relaxed, and soon after she was fast asleep sitting on the cool floor of the hallway.
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Luinara, A glamorous tale. ((Private))
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