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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENTS   ANNOUNCEMENTS EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 5:53 am

Just to make our selfs just a bit more prepared for when how and where in the future of this 1.0 verson of SWGemu.

We can post or follow this thread for to know whats up. Feel free to post anything of server wide knowledge that touch us all in here.

Since the EoL and Pre-Alpha Basilisk launch was announced there has been a lot of rumors flying around about what is going to happen and when. To avoid any further confusion and to set communities mind at ease we are releasing this timetable.

May 14th - Liberator offline and wiped. TC: Nova offline. Basilisk launched for stress testing.
May 21st - TC: Nova online and opened to public testing again.
June 11th - Basilisk testing phase complete. Basilisk wiped and becomes play server. Basilisk will persist through Alpha and Beta development phase.
Sometime in far future - Basilisk wiped. Release developmental milestone reached. SunCrusher launched without threat of wipe, ever.

Since this is a development project and unexpected things can happen, DB wipes are always a possibility. Of course we will try to avoid this at any cost and when possible just wipe a single type of item, if required at all.

Alpha, Beta, and Release are phases of development, and should not be confused for part of the galaxy (server) name. They simply refer to what state the software is in that runs the server.

Basilisk play server - SWGEmu server that will exist through our Alpha and Beta development phase (not to be confused with complete, permanent play servers)
Alpha - The alpha software development phase is the stage where all features are in the process of being implemented. When it begins, there may be many missing features, but by its end, all major features should be implemented.
Beta - The beta software development phase is marked by the implementation of all major features. During this phase, the primary focus of software development is to fix any and all bugs, as well as implement content that expands upon the major features from Alpha.
Release - The release software development phase is when a software is thought to be good enough for deployment. This means that the software will be packaged and ready for use by the general public to fuel their own servers, and it will be deemed stable and complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a volunteer project, some delays or minor changes on the timetable are still possible.

~ The SWGEmu Team

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